Million Century is a Singapore based company that offers a vast range of industrial, commercial and household products. They supply all sort of cleaning products with a variety of trash bags, hand soap to floor detergents/disinfectants, hardware and safety items, accessories, etc.


The company has faced high-staff turns over in the past years, which led to high cost incurred in training the new hires each time. They also faced the challenge of retaining talent and promoting skilled staffs to managerial position. On top of that, the company also faced poor communication between the staffs and the management, especially with regards to the company goals and direction. This results in low employee engagement and low morale amongst employees.


After engaging the help of our Human Resource Consultants, the organisational structure was restructured, and many efficient processes were developed. In addition, our consultants also included a customised training program to tackle to urgent need for increasing the employees’ morale. MCT found the coaching and trainings especially effective in attaining its organisational goals.