Mirage Motorwerkz Pte Ltd (MM) was established in 2014. Its principal activities include providing comprehensive periodic maintenance and repairs to re-sale car agents and the public.


Previously, the company encountered coordination problems between low-level staffs and management-level staff. Very often, the message was not channeled smoothly to each level. As a result, many processes were held up. In addition to that, the company also faced the challenge of retaining talents as they do not have a standard procedure for promoting staffs to managerial positions.


Although the sales revenue performed well, the director, Mr. Goh found a profound need to re-establish the company’s organisational structure before he opens his 2nd outlet in 2019.


With that, Mirage Motorwerkz used the capability development grant (CDG) to engage our consultation services. He foresees that this will greatly reduce the conflicts and misunderstandings within the organisation, mostly between the operation manager and the mechanics.


Although the consultation is still an on-going process, remarkable changes could be seen in the employees’ morale and productivity. Employees became more united, and the business performance has also shown great improvements.