Apply 5S Techniques (CRS-Q-0032145-PRE)


Course Objective

This course will help workers have the knowledge and application skills needed for an employee to apply 5S procedures (a structured approach to housekeeping) to their own job and work area. This will include SEIRI (Clearing unnecessary items from work area), SEITON (Organising work area in an orderly manner), SEISO (Cleaning work area), SEIKETSU (Maintaining work area cleanliness) and SHITSUKE (Maintaining) self-discipline in work area.

Training duration

2 days

Unit 1: Introduction to 5S Techniques

Unit 2: SEIRI – Clear unnecessary items from work area

Unit 3: SEITON – Organize work area in an orderly manner

Unit 4: SEISO – Standardize work area

Unit 5: SEIKETSU – Maintain work area cleanliness

Unit 6: SHITSUKE – Maintain self-discipline in work area

This training module is process driven. The learning units are written and developed in sequential flow as indicated by the arrows, which is based on the procedure of applying 5S techniques.

Learners will first need to understand the principles and benefits of 5S program. They will practice and acquire skills on how to clear unnecessary items from work area, organise work area in an orderly manner, clean work area, maintain work area cleanliness as well as maintain self-discipline step by step.

The organizational requirements, relevant SOPs and the industry best practices on housekeeping will be covered as well. Learner will end the session by applying the competencies at their workplace to propose 5S improvement ideas.