Effective Sales and Marketing Management (CRS-Q-0032165-PRE)


Course Objectives

This training module is designed to optimise sales and marketing method and the ability to create a perception of a product and then bring that perception to fruition with a reality check.The development of an appropriate marketing strategy and the creation of a robust planning process lies at the heart of a successful business.

Learner will need to understand the fundamentals of Marketing which allows them to identify their market positioning, competition, market trends and opportunities. They will also learn to develop effective sales and marketing plans with the understanding of the market’s demands and needs to improve the company’s revenue. In the last learning unit, learner will role play to market their sales and marketing plans to business owners.

The course will consist of contextualized case studies and role plays from manufacturing, renovation, and automobile service industries in order to improve learning transfer.


Upon completion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of marketing strategies & matrix
  • Identify new marketing imperatives – intelligence, interfaces & integration
  • Identify organisation’s opportunities for competitive advantage and determine the marketing mix in a manufacturing organisation context
  • Recognise opportunities that can be converted into potential sales leads
  • Evaluate opportunities to determine alignment to organisational growth strategy
  • Determine effective marketing plan for workplace safety and health regulations
  • Develop effective sales communication skills and a positive selling attitude
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Training Duration

2 days


Certification Type

A Statement of Attainment (SOA) will be awarded upon successful completion.


Unit 1: The Fundamental of Marketing Management

Unit 2: Develop Effective Sales and Marketing Plans

Unit 3: Selling for organization’s competitive advantages

This course covers 4 domains(i.e. knowledge and analysis, application and adaption, innovation and value creation and learning to learn) under the Skills Standard.