How To Close A Million Dollar Deals

Sales is a skill that is necessary for everyone who wants to succeed in their life. You can have the best product or the most capable service, but without a sales system, techniques and right mind-set, you won’t be able to close any deal. Whether you are selling an innovative gadget or a pet sitting service, you need to have a sales system—one which allows you to work smart, achieve your financial goals and feel confident about yourself at all time. This 15hr course will help you enhance your sales skills and techniques, build an organized sales system and master the art and science of sales persuasion.

Target audience:

  • New Sales Executive
  • Sales Professionals seeking advancement in their sales career
  • Experienced Sales Managers leading a sales team.
  • Other Relevant Managers who are interested in learning about Sales Management

Minimum educational qualification: minimum secondary school education or above

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Module 1 Common sense is not common.

Module 2: Looking and feeling good is not for nothing.

Module 3: Finding the right targets.

Module 4: Don’t waste time in giving premature presentations.

Module 5: Stop Rejecting Me!

Module 6:  20% effort 80% results.

Module 7:  Men don’t run a business, systems do.

Module 8:  Attain the widest reach with the least amount of time spent.

Module 9:  Let clients come to you.