Human Capital Development (HCD)

“Invest in human capital development (HCD) and put in place strategies to attract, develop, and retain your talents.”

Employees are a vital component of your business. Their performance, commitment and loyalty to the job are critical. It is important to develop a strong human capital foundation and HR leadership to put in place effective HR strategies and practices so as to attract, develop, and retain talents.


Assessing HR capability

Thinking of upgrading your HR capabilities but do not know where to begin? Impact Analysis Consulting is able to provide you with an Organisational Assessment (OA) that allows you to discover how you can enhance your HR capabilities for business growth. Upon completion of the Organisational Assessment, SMEs will receive a report with an analysis of their current HR maturity level, including its strengths and opportunities for improvement. We would also discuss on the actionable steps that the SMEs could take to improve its HR practices would then take place. This includes staffing, recruitment and retention selection, as well as other performance indicators to determine benefits and compensations.

Developing HR Toolkit

In our HR processes, we are also able to provide a self-help toolkit, which includes SMEs tools and templates, to help company systematically manage their HR functions. These templates include staffing plans, recruitment letter, termination letter, job description templates etc.

Funding and Support

SMEs can receive funding support of up to 70% of qualifying costs through the CDG grant. CDG grant supports projects such as consultancy, training, certification and equipment costs.

CDG Grants Support the following projects:

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Engagement & Communications
  • Manpower Planning
  • Job Redesign
  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Training & Development
  • HR Management
  • Organisation Culture
  • Talent Management & Succession Planning
  • Talent Mobility

With such funding, SMEs can strengthen their HR capabilities, and look forward to cost savings in supporting their HR operations. By outsourcing our HR consultants, SMEs will be able to focus more on core business functions and operational functions.


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