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Xing Tek Flooring

Being in the carpets trading and installation service industry for 19 years offering, Xing Tek Flooring has built is reputable image across private clients to government industries.   They engage us our experienced consultant to assist the organization to achieve its continuous business growth/ strategic by attracting, developing and retaining the talents who would maximize […]

THK Engineering Pte Ltd

The company was established in 2005 and has created its niche primarily in Electrical, Mechanical services and installations within the commercial, industrial buildings / factories, infrastructure, and high-rise buildings; has grown to be one of the leading Electrical and Mechanical service providers over the years.   THK Engineering Pte Ltd, is a one-stop solution provider, […]

Itaz Pte Ltd

Itaz Pte Ltd is an IT Solutions and Services company in Singapore. Like many companies, Itaz faced internal communication barriers as the managements were not equipped with the adequate management skills, resulting in low-level staffs being dissatisfied with the managements. On top of that, there is low performance on the sales team as the sales […]

Sin Hong Yong Pte Ltd

Sin Hong Yong (SHY) Pte Ltd has seen a high turnover rate of employees and often encounters staff shortage. This results in a direct impact the project schedule as many projects were delayed from its initial completion date. Apart from that, the company does not have a proper appraisal and documentation system, resulting in non-satisfaction […]


Outrich provides different kinds of IT support services such as human resource management and accounts management system. Recently, the company faced the challenge of a high- staff turnover rate. He realized that this situation will not only affect the morale of the staffs, it may also tarnish the reputation of the company.   Thus, the […]

Applied Logistics

As most of the employees come from different countries, employees have to adapt to the different culture and lifestyles here in Singapore. Hence, the company engaged our WSQ courses “Apply Teamwork at the Workplace” for his employees. After the training, we received feedbacks from the director that the employees have became more bonded and he […]

Reliable Transport and Logistics (RTLS)

RTLS is a logistic service provider that has efficient and reliabel experience in all aspects of transportation island-wide.  However, they faced the challenges of low employee morale, and miscommunication between low-level staffs and managerial staffs. Although it may seem insignificant, but it compounding implications may affect the company structure as a whole. When supervisors deliver […]

Million Century Trading Pte Ltd

Million Century is a Singapore based company that offers a vast range of industrial, commercial and household products. They supply all sort of cleaning products with a variety of trash bags, hand soap to floor detergents/disinfectants, hardware and safety items, accessories, etc.   The company has faced high-staff turns over in the past years, which […]

Mirage Motorwerkz Pte Ltd – Automotive

Mirage Motorwerkz Pte Ltd (MM) was established in 2014. Its principal activities include providing comprehensive periodic maintenance and repairs to re-sale car agents and the public.   Previously, the company encountered coordination problems between low-level staffs and management-level staff. Very often, the message was not channeled smoothly to each level. As a result, many processes […]

Garage Republic – Automotive

Garage Republic is an automotive workshop that offers comprehensive and integrated solution to all automotive repair works from car servicing to brake issues and engine overhaul.   In this day and age, the inevitability of intense market competition in every industry has made it ever more challenging for business owners to thrive and expand their […]

Koh Guan Chua workshop – Automotive

Koh Guan Chua Workshop was founded on 6 Sept 1967 by the late Mr. Koh Guan Chua in Sin Ming Industrial Estate, Singapore. Currently, the workshop is managed by Mr. Koh Dan Jian (D.J.), the third generation of the family, together with a team of experienced staff.   DJ believes that innovation and pursuing changes […]

BH Auto – Automotive

BH auto is a “One-stop automotive workshop” which offers a wide range of automotive solutions. They provide day and night car maintenance service, A/C maintenance, diagnostics and spray painting. According to the BH Auto director, he found out that the employees cannot perform well because they are unclear about their daily duties. Thus, our experts […]

PUTIEN Restaurant

Being a globally recognised restaurant, PUTIEN is not only concerned with the quality of their cuisine, but also places an emphasis on its customer service.   Despite having their own in-house trainer, they also constantly seek opportunities to provide better services to their customers. Thus, PUTIEN invited our veteran trainer, Ms Yao Lan to customize […]