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“Invest in human capital and put in place strategies to attract, develop, and retain your talents.”

Employees are a vital component of your business. Their performance, commitment and loyalty to the job are critical. It is important to develop a strong human capital foundation and HR leadership to put in place effective HR strategies and practices so as to attract, develop, and retain talents.

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Assessing HR capability

Thinking of upgrading your HR capabilities but do not know where to begin? Impact Analysis Consulting is able to provide you with an organisational Assessment (OA) that allows you to discover how you can enhance your HR capabilities for business growth. Upon completion of the organisational Assessment, SMEs will receive a report with an analysis of their current HR maturity level, including its strengths and opportunities for improvement. We would also discuss on the actionable steps that the SMEs could take to improve its HR practices would then take place. This includes staffing, recruitment and retention selection, as well as other performance indicators to determine benefits and compensations.

Developing HR Toolkit

In our HR processes, we are also able to provide a self-help toolkit, which includes SMEs tools and templates, to help company systematically manage their HR functions. These templates include staffing plans, recruitment letter, termination letter, job description templates etc.

Funding and Support

SMEs can receive funding support of up to 70% of qualifying costs through the CDG grant. CDG grant supports projects such as consultancy, training, certification and equipment costs.

CDG Grants Support the following projects:

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Performance Management
  • Learning & Development
  • Career Management
  • Talent Management & Succession Planning
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Value Proposition

With such funding, SMEs can strengthen their HR capabilities, and look forward to cost savings in supporting their HR operations. By outsourcing to our HR consultants, SMEs will be able to focus more on core business functions and operational functions.

Productivity Enhancement

“Improve workflow processes and optimize resource allocations to maximize productivity.”

Enhancing Business Processes for Productivity is about gaining a better understanding of your current business operations through diagnosis and review of existing workflow, and designing new and/or improved ways to be more efficient and competitive. Through process review and redesign, resources such as manpower and space can be optimised, leading to increased profit and revenue streams.

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CDG Supported Activities

Our consultancy project is able to enhance your business processes for productivity. They comprises of the following, which are eligible for CDG grants:

  • Review existing business processes, identify areas for improvement, and develop a productivity measurement system to track and analyse company productivity levels
  • Adopt and implement solutions to automate existing operations and streamline internal processes
  • Intensify land use and improve land productivity under the Land Productivity Grant

Business Model Transformation

“Embark on a structural process to transform your business model to gain a competitive advantage.”

Business Model Transformation is a structured approach that helps you to create and sustain business value by translating your competencies, know-hows, market knowledge and ideas into new or improved business models. This can be accomplished through the use of innovative methods and tools, such as Business Model Innovation and Design Thinking.

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Supportable Activities

A business model transformation project typically comprises of the following phases:

  • Conduct market gap analysis to benchmark your business’ current performance and identify opportunities which you can exploit
  • Generate ideas to leverage market trends and opportunities
  • Develop a roadmap to implement those ideas and tap on potential growth areas

Service Excellence

“Improve your management systems for better organisational performance.”

We help SMEs in the service industries (e.g. food & beverage, retail, healthcare and transport) embark on service excellence projects to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and their buying decision processes across the various touch points in order to improve overall customer experience.

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Our CDG Supportable Activities

Our service excellence project encompasses the following areas:

  • Understanding of customer needs and/or journey (e.g. customer journey mapping)
  • Service process redesign
  • Service gap analysis and benchmarking
  • Building a service innovation culture (e.g. ideating through a structured framework)
  • Adoption of technological solutions to gather customer insights (e.g. data analytics solutions)
  • Preparation for Singapore Quality Class with Service certification


CaseTrust is the accreditation arm of the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), and is Singapore’s de facto standard for companies who wish to demonstrate their commitment to fair trading and transparency to consumers.

Being CaseTrust accredited reinforces your business commitment to your customers. This recognition further instills consumers’ confidence in your products and services, resulting in increased consumer loyalty and repeated patronage for your business.

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Business Transformation

Business Analysis

Business analysis is a research discipline of identifying business needs and determining solutions to solve business problems. IA offers solutions such as process improvement, organisational change and strategic planning and policy development, to various companies.

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Branding and Marketing

“Raise your company’s profile, emphasise your value proposition and take your brand global.”

Brand and Marketing Strategy Development helps you create a unique brand persona that can increase brand relevance amongst consumers and differentiate your business from competition. Coupled with a well-developed and well-executed marketing plan, you can then build brand equity over time to support future efforts in areas of partnerships, product diversification and internationalisation.

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Our CDG Supportable Activities

Our brand strategy development project comprises the following phases:

  • Conducting brand audit and research
  • Developing brand strategy, including the brand value proposition and market positioning
  • Developing visual identity system to align all customer touch-points and reinforce the brand strategy
  • Conducting internal alignment workshop to educate the employees on the new brand strategy developed

Our marketing strategy development project comprises the following phases:

  • Conducting market research to gain customer insights, understand industry trends and identify gaps in current marketing strategy
  • Developing a marketing strategy and implementation roadmap to align and optimise marketing efforts, achieve marketing objectives and arrive at desired market positioning and mindshare

Overseas Expansion

A franchise is a type of license that a party (franchisee) acquires to allow them to have access to a business’s (the franchiser) proprietary knowledge, processes and trademarks in order to allow the party to sell a product or provide a service under the business’s name. In exchange for gaining the franchise, the franchisee usually pays the franchisor initial start-up and annual licensing fee.

Franchises are a very popular method for people to start a business, especially for those who wish to operate in a highly competitive industry like the fast-food industry. One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a franchise is that you have access to an established company’s brand name; meaning that you do not need to spend further resources to get your name and product out to customers.

IA helps to determine if a company should start a franchising, weighing their pros and cons, and then give relevant advice on how they should go about doing it.

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