Vehicle Accident Damage Assessment and Claim Submission Procedure

Course Objectives

With the increase of motor insurance premiums resulting from fraudulent claims, professional assessors who can conduct auto damage assessment and produce detailed appraisal reports are in great demand in Singapore.

The automotive damage assessor course will train and educate the learner in all aspects of automotive damage appraisals including car part terminology, the inspection approach to ensure quality in every appraisal, the recording of documentation obtained from the automobile, the proper photographing of the vehicle and the organization of the file.  Learner will be trained with case study and onsite practical on how to appraise the damage, draft an appraisal report and arrive at a proper value of the vehicle. In the summative test, learner will be required to perform appraisal from scratch including photographing, documenting, arriving at a market value and drafting an appraisal report.


Training mode: classroom delivery and workplace training

Workplace training will be conducted at automotive workshops in order to help learners transfer the knowledge and skills at real workplace.


Upon completion of the course, you will be able

  • To understand roles and responsibilities of damage assessor
  • To follow the procedures of handling car accident settlement
  • To establish vehicle damage assessment via ‘image review’
  • To appraise the damage and determine the correct repair method
  • To calculate repair costs and labor value
  • To draft and prepare documents for claim submission
  • To follow court dispute resolution process for motor accident cases
  • To identify the best practices of assessing vehicle damage and comply with the codes of ethics


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Target Audience

  • Those who are interested or is planning to venture into the automotive industry, this is an opportunity for you to explore!
  • Bosses, managerial and/or employees in the automotive industry who would like to learn and provide accident claim services to their customers
  • Those who are unsure of their career path can take this opportunity to explore into this industry and take up new skills!

Accreditation Award

Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI)

Professional Achievement Certificate in Vehicle Accident Damage Assessment and Claim Submission Procedure is issued by Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) along side with  1 year free IMI membership for learners.

IMI sets standards for training throughout the automotive industry, offering 250 qualifications through 600 training providers around UK.


Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis is a WSQ Approved Training Organisation (ATO) in Singapore. Trainers are all WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) certified and is IMI approved trainer.

Trainers are a subject matter expert with over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry.


Course Fees

Assessment fee – $280.00

Course fee         – $700.00 (can be subsidised by SkillsFuture Credit, eligible for Singaporeans aged 25 years old and above)

Total                  – $980.00

Course Content:

Module 1: Perform roles and responsibilities of damage assessor

Module 2: Apply procedures to handling car accident settlement

Module 3: Perform appraise to car damage (Theory & Practical)

Module 4: Calculate repair costs and labour value

Module 5: Draft and prepare documents for claim submission

Module 6: Negotiate for fair settlement

Module 7: Follow court dispute resolution process